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We are able to provide technological advanced and innovative solutions thanks to our payroll software, our updated and professional workshops and the Section New and Magazine in order to be always up to date on employment law changes.

Professional Solutions Srl, through customized softwares personally designed and optimized, ensures innovative solutions to manage several activities efficiently and with savings.
Exatio, designed by Professional Solutions, is flexible and is able to satisfy any company’s needs and contractual regulations to manage personnel documents.


A) Printing and export documents

  • monthly accounting sheets for personnel costs;
  • printing and export of tax forms and/or payslips in pdf format.

B) Advice and export of personal, contractual and salary data

The Client is able to be informed about any workers’ data by our personal, contractual and salary archives. The Client will then get to know in real time:

-  personal data,
-  career progression (change of level and/or category, seat etc.),
-  salary evolution (salary increase, specific allowances etc.),
-  social security and additional health care (participation and
   financing to pension funds and/or TFR, etc.),
-  gross amounts of gross salaries (salary, bonus, overtime etc.),
   social charges (employer’s and employee’s charge), taxes and
   net salary paid every month as indicated in the Libro Unico del

Professional Solutions S.r.l., provides PAYROLL services also in the SERVICE version by our server (Cloud Software as a Service – SaaS). Clients are able to use software through the internet without advanced hardware and specialized personnel by enjoying assistance services, support and data safety.

In addition, EXATIO and ITER enable the Client to be connected through PC or Laptop, but also with smartphone and tablet.
Attraverso l’utilizzo della procedura web Exatio di Professional Solutions S.r.l., l’azienda e ciascun dipendente possono registrare dati di presenza e assenza (es. ferie, permessi, straordinario etc.) sul calendario del mese interessato. I dati inseriti sono automaticamente trasferiti sul database del programma di elaborazione paghe e contributi, senza la necessità di procedere con altre operazioni di trasferimento.

L’azienda ed il lavoratore possono, 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, visualizzare – stampare – salvare, il calendario delle presenze di ogni mese.
ITER designed by Professional Solutions Srl is the innovative software managing organizational processes to monitor team work in the company through a customized deadline.


-  managing deadlines through the project phases,
-  monitoring the project progress reports through a messaging
-  sharing the processes among the participants,
-  updated monitoring on the state of progress of the activities.

Cloud computing
IT solutions, especially Cloud Computing, enable our Client to manage different activities with efficiency and savings.
Professional Solutions offers its Payroll Outsourcing on a Cloud Software as a Service – SaaS, exclusively connecting to our service.

Cloud allows our Clients to use complex services without equipping themselves with advanced hardware or IT personnell to manage and develop systems.

Our Clients can directly process payroll activities without buying and installing the software and benefit from our our maintenance and support service.

You can connect to our web services through your smartphone and tablet. Anytime, anywhere.
Our workshops
Workshops and training together with in-depth analysis are the right way to get to know and study the employment world and manage in the best way Human Resources in your company.
We deal with topical issues following specific requests, labour law and HR management issues, such as:
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