Hr & payroll

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Payroll services are for us the starting point for a full assistance and consulting service.

Thanks to our role as TOP 10 Zucchetti Certified Partner we meet every company’s needs by simplifying human resources management and optimizing costs by implementing customized solutions.


We are leaders in the payroll processing industry offering state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of every company.

We guarantee high quality standards that comply with current regulations and administrative requirements.

We follow quality guidelines as Zucchetti’s Top 10 HR Service, ensuring top reliability and professionalism for our customers.

We manage the processing of more than 50,000 pay slips and more than 40 national, territorial and supplementary collective bargaining agreements per year, allowing our customers to have full control over the process and get immediate feedback.

Human Resources Project

We support customers implementing effective HR solutions, enabling management and business leaders to easily manage selection, training, evaluation and more.

It offers web-based tools with workflows to digitize some processes, reducing costs and making operations easier.

Time and Attendance Management

We implement time and attendance systems by streamlining the customer’s personnel administration processes.

The system helps automate the anomaly management and justification submission (absences, leave, overtime, vacation…) thanks to an efficient communication workflow.

The time and attendance service can be fully outsourced at our facility.

HR Web Portal

The HR Web Portal enables employees to easily access their documents, such as pay slips and CUs), online.

This safe environment and in compliance with the Privacy Rule, promotes an innovative information consultation for employees.

Expense Report

We provide agile solutions to manage employee expense reports customizable to meet every customer need.

Our software is intuitive and offers efficient authorization workflows that can be adapted to specific business needs.

Personnel Budget

Our Personnel Budget management service offers comprehensive support to our customers. Using multi-year extensive provisional data, directly acquired from payroll software, we assist companies in processing and monitoring personnel-related costs.

This approach enables more accurate planning and more efficient management of human resources in the long term.

HR Outsourcing

We offer a full range of HR outsourcing services, including payroll management, attendance management, direct employee support for HR-related inquiries, and more.

With our support, companies can cut operational costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with applicable regulations, allowing them to focus on their business success.