Gender Equality

Gender Equality


In Prolink, creating a gender equality culture is the basis of the human capital strategy, for this reason, the company, as stated in the purpose of the UUNI/PdR 125:2022management system according to the principles by which it operates, intends to ensure the presence and professional growth of women in the business world by focusing on processes relating to the following areas:

Selection and recruitment

Career management

Salary equity

Parenting and caregiving

Work-life balance

Abuse and harassment prevention

Prolink believes that, in order to achieve a real shift, it is necessary that gender equality and diversity respect principles are integrated into its business objectives, and it is, therefore, necessary to adopt appropriate tools by which:

  1. Focus on and set specific goals for each women’s work stage within the company;
  2. Measure in a clear and standardized way progresses reached and certify the results achieved by following qualified and transparent processes.

For these reasons, the company is committed to embrace gender equality principles, spread over the entire career path and life stages of female employees, from recruiting to retirement, aiming not only to increase the presence of women within the business environment but also to ensure equal career opportunities, up to the most important managerial roles, equal economic status, work-life balance conditions fitting the different life stages and proactive in rebalancing family loads for men and women, as well as a work environment refusing stereotypes, discrimination, all forms of physical, verbal, digital abuse and proposing instead a diversity and inclusion culture.

Gender equality is a VALUE for PROLINK.

Just to ensure the implementation of necessary actions to pursue ongoing improvement goals that the Company has set itself and, before that, for the effective implementation of the Gender Equality Policy, it has appointed a manager coordinating and supervising proper implementation thus representing a point of reference for the entire corporate population on the topic.

The Policy will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that equality and diversity are continuously promoted in the workplace.