Labour Consultancy

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The Studio of Dr. Rinaldo Pietro Platti with over 20 years of experience in Labour Consultancy and Personnel Administration offers companies a strong support and practical solutions on labour matters.

Our professional services are not limited to consulting but fully involve the human resources management.

HR Policy

We design and implement corporate policies to improve the work environment by listening to the needs of internal resources and enhancing the company’s assets.

Corporate policies are designed to ensure consistency, transparency and compliance within the organization while promoting a healthy and professional work environment.

Smart Working

Agile working or Smart Working is a subordinate employment relationship characterized by the absence of time or space constraints and an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between employee and employer; a practice that provides the employee a work life balance and, at the same time, encourage growth and productivity.

Corporate Welfare

Introducing Welfare in the company means directly acting on the employee’s salary scheme, changing the paradigm and positively impacting on income, taxation, motivation and productivity.

An accurate studied and structured Corporate Welfare plan is what we offer aiming at increasing the welfare of your employees and their families, by relieving the company of all operations and offer the employee an excellent service.

Change Management

Help your business adopting new technologies and processes to optimize and simplify the workflow.

Change can be very labor-intensive, risky and costly if not addressed with the right methods and tools.

ASSE.CO. is the official certification issued to companies compliant with the HR regulations.

Being asseverated means being in compliance with all HR matters. Our firm has been operating as an Asseverable Labour Consultant since the 2nd of March 2015 in the special register..

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Training / Publishing

We organize seminars and training days on employment relations regulations.

Mr. Rinaldo Platti collaborates as a publicist in the drafting and publication of articles, comments and updates on employment law and HR administration.

He has been collaborating for years in the annual updating of the “Manuale di Consulenza del Lavoro” published by “SEAC”, for more than sixty years, surely the most renowned point of reference in Labour Consultancy.

Corporate Reorganizations

Corporate reorganization is a strategic process aimed at restructuring the organization and its resources to adapt to changing market needs.

It involves the revision of processes, redefinition of roles, and sometimes the reallocation of resources to improve business efficiency and competitiveness.

Trade Union Relations

We assist our Customers to manage trade union relations and to represent the company in relationships between the parties.

Gender Equality

Implementing Gender Equality in the Workplace to eliminate the gender gap, foster increased female employment, greater inclusion and better working conditions for women is a great opportunity for innovative companies that want to be competitive in a changing world.