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The introduction of “Agile Working” within more and more companies is rapidly changing the approach of companies towards collaboration and office culture.

Agile work (or smart working) is a work practice characterized by the absence of time or space constraints and an organization by steps, cycles and goals, established by agreement between employee and employer; a practice that helps the employee to balance life and work and, at the same time, promotes productivity.

It has been shown that agile employees are more productive and enjoy a high level of job satisfaction and general well-being. Everything revolves around collaboration, trust and innovation.

Companies must be ready to face the challenges of the future of the business world

For this reason, Agile Working cannot be improvised but must be analysed, studied, implemented with the right timing and involving the right people within the Company.

We strongly believe that a successful Agile Working is based on two fundamental interconnected pillars: the introduction of a correct company policy and technology.

How can we help you?

Thanks to our strong experience in Labour Consultancy we support companies in all the stages of the Agile Working project.

  • Business structure and processes analysis
  • Labour law consulting
  • Agile Working plan and company agreement drafting
  • Individual agreements drafting

As Atlassian Silver Solution Partner, we help companies creating efficient and innovative teams through customized online team collaboration platforms that help to:

  • Share information
  • Speed up processes
  • Better organize work activities

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