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About Us


The team of CHI COSA COME was born by the collaboration between Prolink, professionals in managing human resources, the Dott. Rinaldo Pietro Platti‘s Labour Consultant Studio, the Avv. Sara G. Cella‘s Law Firm.With the right skills, consolidated experience and strong presence on the market, we help our Clients to better manage human resources, labor law and legal issues of companies.

Dott.Rinaldo Pietro Platti

Founder – Labour Consultant

Fabio Maria D’Ignazio

Founder – CEO

Sara G. Cella

Founder – Lawyer

Team Payroll

Antonella Lisimberti

Payroll Manager

Pier Antonio Cozzi

Payroll Specialist

Anna Colavelli

Payroll Specialist

Alberto Dotti

Payroll Specialist

Federico Evola

Payroll Specialist

Xhemal Mane

Payroll Specialist

Stefania Lopetti

HR Specialist

Anna Brambilla

HR Specialist

Andrea Mogavino

Payroll Assistant

Mariano Bellino

Payroll Assistant

Team IT & Business Development

Maria Luisa Frigerio

Project Manager & Business Development

Simona Vecchi

International Account

Stefania Gennari

Marketing & Communication

Francesco Borchetta

IT Manager – Atlassian Expert

Marco Pollice

IT Specialist – Atlassian Expert

Lorenzo Petrarulo

IT Specialist

Labour Consulting Team

Roberto Radaelli

HR Advisor

Francesca Bellati

HR Specialist

Pietro Oliva

Labour Consultant

Sonja Gavioli

HR Specialist

Jessica Pezzano

HR Assistant

Legal Consulting Team

Ilaria Squellati


Cinzia Catrini


Davide Rizzi