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DGProlink is born out of our many years of experience in HR management, helping companies implement and customize reliable and innovative IT software that, above all, is simple, effective and user-friendly for all users to ensure business continuity and competitiveness.

DPGrolink Experts support your business so that it stays on top of an ever-changing world, constantly evolving the way of working and helping you maintain a strong internal collaboration as key to effectiveness and business success.

Thanks to our partnership with the accredited CRSLaghi – Centro Ricerca e Studi dei Laghi, we set up and manage Research and Development projects according to the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Economic Development to ensure accuracy and get the Tax Credit.

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Project Management

We offer companies support to innovate not only with the automation of their established methods and processes, but also in exploring new ways to renew their business models.

We are committed to designing and customizing solutions in accordance with each customer’s specific needs, leading them to success through transformation and adaptation to today market challenges.

Solution Management

Solution management is a strategic approach that focuses on designing and implementing customized solutions to meet specific customer needs.

This process involves detailed analysis of business challenges, design of innovative strategies and implementation of tailored solutions.

We offer strategic consulting, custom software development, systems integration, and post-implementation support to ensure the long-term success of delivered solutions.

Service Management Platform

Companies can increase productivity and keep high standards of service to internal and external customers through Service Management Platform features such as request management, response time, quality control, and performance monitoring.

By integrating processes and resources, this platform improves operational efficiency, customer experience, and compliance with quality standards.

System Integration

We support companies to find an effective solution to integrate their current systems with new IT solutions in order to increase business efficiency and cut maintenance costs.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring, through data analytics and dashboards, provides an effective way to assess and improve team performance.

Dashboards provide an instant overview of KPIs, enabling managers to monitor performance in real time and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Through data analysis, useful trends and patterns can be pinpointed to optimize business operations.

Process Optimization

This process involves the detailed analysis of existing processes to pinpoint inefficiencies, waste or delays, and the implementation of targeted solutions to optimize workflow.

Companies can cut operational costs, increase performance speed, and improve overall team satisfaction through process optimization.

Team Collaboration Platform

We support companies to implement Team Collaboration platforms to communicate better, share information efficiently, and collaborate digitally and effectively.

These platforms help manage projects and tasks, share files securely, and increase corporate belonging through multiple features.